Our Vision

A world where every woman, girl, and newborn can lead a healthy and fulfilling life, with their right to quality health & well-being fully realized.

We ask. We Listen. We Activate.

Our Mission

Inspire individual and collective awareness and actions towards the elimination of preventable maternal and newborn deaths, promoting the well-being of women, girls and newborns.


Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health (RMNH)

Our Superpower

We believe lived truths, realities, knowledge, and experiences are powerful and hold the power to guide others towards enlightenment. Because Enlightenment and truth can change lives.

When we speak, we use knowledge, information, insights to create understanding. We are motivated by the pursuit of fulfillment and independence for the women and girls that we serve

About White Ribbon Alliance Kenya

We are a passionate movement dedicated to addressing health and well-being inequalities for women and girls. Our focus is on safeguarding their reproductive, maternal, and newborn health rights, advocating for human rights for marginalized groups, amplifying community voices, and advocating for quality, equity, and dignity for all individuals. WRA Kenya exemplifies grassroots activism and advocacy, particularly concerning women’s health and rights within the African context.

WRA Kenya’s strength lies in its community-centered approach, ensuring that its strategies and initiatives are deeply rooted in the genuine needs and aspirations of women and girls. By actively engaging women and girls, listening attentively to their needs, and taking action based on their feedback, WRA Kenya ensures that its advocacy efforts are relevant and impactful. The organization’s impact extends beyond policy advocacy; it also operates at the grassroots level, bridging the gap between policy formulation, women’s leadership, and on-the-ground implementation.


Cause of Action

Approximately 19 women in Kenya die daily during childbirth, mostly from preventable causes like excessive bleeding. For every woman lost, about 30 suffer long-term complications such as fistula and mental health issues.

Additionally, 2 out of 5 adolescent girls in Kenya are pregnant or mothers, contributing significantly to maternal mortality and disabilities. Globally, a baby is born dead every 16 seconds, with many of these occurrences in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In Kenya, there are 22 newborn deaths per 1,000 live births, and 90% of these are preventable. Unfortunately, data collection and investments in this area remain minimal, compounded by a culture of silence and inaction that worsens stillbirth and newborn death rates.

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