White Ribbon Kenya

White Ribbon Kenya

We Work towards achieving an equal world for all girls and women in access to health and well-being.

What Women Want

About 120,000 women and girls in kenya, voiced their demands for quality health care. Will you listen and act?

Sustainable Development Goals

Empowering women and girls and promoting gender equality is crucial to accelerating sustainable development. The barriers that constrain women and girls are multifaceted. We ensure that the voices of women and girls are the center for change.

UHC - Inclusion Matters

Universal Health Coverage means that everyone has access to quality health services without experiencing financial hardship. Health systems and facilities have to be inclusive to all persons including persons living with disabilities.

Support Women Access Dignified Health Care Services

The What Women Want campaign is unique in that it asks women and girls in Kenya to set the agenda that would promote their health and well-being then LISTENS and ACTS on those demands through stakeholders and partners.