Why we should give midwives what they want

In the News! Privileged is not a word I would readily use to describe myself. This was the reality until I reflected on the birth of my daughter eight years ago. The only complaint about my birth experience at one of Kenya’s major private hospitals was that they did not have enough pillows or bathrobes.  […]

Midwives’ Voices And Midwives’ Demands Towards Improved Maternal Healthcare

In the News! Whenever people talk about healthcare, the most common personnel that come top of mind are doctors, nurses, and clinical officers. We tend to forget a crucial and little recognized sector in healthcare, and that is midwives. Unsung heroes who are responsible for safely bringing thousands of babies into the world, doing their […]

New survey reveals trends in midwives’ demands

In the News! In Summary  •The report calls on governments to tackle the global maternal health crisis by urgently investing in their midwifery workforce. •In Kenya, midwives from across majority counties said their top request is quality health to women and girls was adequate and equipped facilities. White Ribbon Alliance (WRA), in collaboration with the […]

Midwives call for higher benefits to improve services for mothers

In the News! Availability of higher pay is the top global demand for midwives today, followed by the need for supplies and decent facilities. This is according to a global survey in which at least 3,500 midwives and nurses from Kenya participated. The trends in the midwives’ demands were detected in the research targeting 56,000 midwives in 101 countries by […]

Remember the needs of pregnant women in virus war

In the News! What you need to know: For these gains to be sustained, there must be a deliberate prioritisation of essential and quality reproductive maternal newborn and child health services during the current global crisis. The government of Kenya should ensure that systems are instituted to facilitate access to essential reproductive maternal child health […]

Let’s listen to women, girls and act to end senseless deaths

In the News! What you need to know: Nine out of 10 women in Kenya die as a result of poor quality of care during pregnancy and delivery. We plan projects, talking of inclusivity but, more often than not, we never include the women’s and citizens’ needs and ideas in them. Women and girls must […]