Data and Evidence

WWW Campaign

Approximately 300,000 women and girls die during pregnancy and childbirth every year. In Kenya, where the maternal mortality rate stands at 362 per 100,000 live births (DHS 2014/2015), changing this picture begins with women and girls. When women and girls are involved in identifying the barriers and solutions to healthcare, progress accelerates. As quality has a huge impact on whether a woman or girl will seek care, the heart of the What Women Want campaign is about understanding quality from women’s and girls’ perspectives. As part of the global White Women Want Campaign, WRA Kenya and partners mobilized over 118,545 responses from women and girls across Kenya. The top demands: improved Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), respectful and dignified care, Improved menstrual hygiene services. Our advocacy strategy centers around making these demands a reality for women and girls in Kenya.

WWW Dashboard

MVMD Campaign

The request for more midwives and nurses was one of the top requests from the What Women Want campaign in Kenya. Women and girls described their lived experiences while voicing their demands for Increased, competent and better-supported doctors.

To fully realize the demand for midwives, we needed to understand better from midwives themselves what they want and need. In Kenya over 3,500 midwives voiced their demands on what they need most to be able to deliver quality services to women and girls. White Ribbon Alliance Kenya  is pushing for improvements in midwives’ working conditions, changing the public’s perception of their work and supporting then in advocating for their profession. All of which in turn, will lead to improved care for women and newborns.