Gender Equality

External Comittments

Over the next 3 years, WRA Kenya will convene 500,000 adolescents, grassroots youth groups, SRHR coalition members, faith leaders and media champions through self-care advocacy and intergenerational dialogues to destigmatize adolescent pregnancies and lead to an increase in availability, access and utilization of adolescent-friendly sexual, reproductive and maternal health information and services. The campaign will seek to raise and amplify adolescent voices to directly inform and cultivate a positive self-care culture for sexual, reproductive and maternal health, and ultimately lead to decreased unplanned/unintended pregnancies among young people. This will be demonstrable through the emergence of a fact-based narrative about adolescent pregnancies led by and with adolescents and young people, and the formation of active adolescent self-care collectives.

Internal Comittments

WRA Kenya plays an important convening role to build consensus, identify gaps and coordinate action. Our stakeholders in advocacy include adolescents, women and communities, civil society organizations, media, faith leadership, and regulatory bodies. We will leverage these key relationships to develop effective and coordinated strategies and action plans to drive our work. To build collective ownership and gear up for the campaign, we will reignite conversations with strategic partnerships, including our media champion network, grassroots youth accountability groups and key sexual and reproductive health partners involved in past campaigns addressing adolescent health. Furthermore, we will tap into our membership status in multisector gender and youth technical working groups and ongoing conversations with religious leaders to rally for their support and engagement. Finally, we will seek to establish new linkages with secondary learning institutions to deepen our adolescent reach.