About White Ribbon Alliance Kenya​

White Ribbon Alliance Kenya (WRA Kenya) is a National people-led movement for women’s health and rights. Established in 2009 and registered as a local organization in 2017, we work to directly influence Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 3 and 5, and to promote good health and gender equality broadly. We advocate and fight for what women want by rooting our work in the self-articulated needs of women and girls, in all their diversity. At WRA Kenya, we ask women and girls what they need, we listen, then act on their demands and advocate for others to do the same, especially rights holders who are accountable to them.

WRA actively challenges this paradigm through direct campaign mobilization, supporting women and girls to amplify their voices, influence change, and negotiate for their own interests. We advocate for women’s and girls’ voices and demands to lead change at the Local, National, Regional and Global level. Recognizing that solutions are best implemented at the local level. WRA Kenya provides members with self-care tools, trainings, and a globally connected network to broaden the reach of their advocacy efforts, and realize lasting change for women and girls in their communities.